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A fabulous world of energies and colours surrounds and fills us with subtle resonances. Let us go and explore so as to live our life on earth ever more fully.


Gautier Havelange

  As an engineer and geo-biologist who has combined sensitive and scientific approaches, I propose to engage with you and find together the energies within and around you. Whether you wish to set the energies of your home straight or to get into more personal work through a bioenergy session, we always operate together so that you can be the prime mover of your own well-being. My passionate interest in research and development in the field of subtle energies has resulted in the co-creation of the FENYX device, which makes it possible to perceive the world differently and to raise consciousness. I will always be happy to welcome you for individual sessions or for lectures and training sessions, and thus share my sense of wonder and my eagerness to pass on understanding and knowledge.

Feeling's Energy Xplorer

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Find out your vibration signature thanks to this innovative quantum device. The FENYX uses principles of resonance and biofeedback to measure the vibrations of living creatures, places or materials and bring about a new field of consciousness.


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I invite you to read about my research in the form of ‘explorations’. Depending on what you are interested in, you can scan the files I’ve put together about the energy in plants and celestial bodies as well as changes occurring during the treatment of energy in places or people.

Listening to you


I propose to support your desire to discover things new with both respect and  good-will, from geo-biological analysis to your assessment in terms of bioenergy, as individuals or in groups, in training sessions or visiting sacred sites. For professionals opening to the world of energy, I also teach how to use the Fenyx (Feeling's energy Xplorer)

If you wish to know more

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Subtle bodies, geo-biology, biofeedback, resonant beings, bioenergy, chakras… all those things and more are explained here.

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