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The resonant being

When we listen to a deep voice, we can feel its vibration in our belly. Conversely, we feel high-pitched sounds up in our head. This simple experience shows that various parts of our body respond in a subtle way to external vibrations and to specific frequencies.

On the other hand, we can also easily observe that people radiate or vibrate differently depending on their emotional condition. We do not respond in the same way in front a people who are angry, stressed or happy.


Indeed, just as any object, colour or material, living beings both emit and receive and all parts of their bodies can resonate with other vibrations or electro-magnetic waves operating at the same frequencies. A place, an atmosphere or some presences can thus have an influence on people’s well-being, with different intensities depending on their mind patterns and their physical and emotional conditions. Activated ‘resonance frequencies’ will define their sensitivity to external elements. 

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