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Géobiologie - Lieux sacrés-

énergie quantique


Organise or participate in seminars or lectures about energies and the subtle world around us.

Lectures that fit your needs and expectations.

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The resonant being


The human being is above all a resonant being. He returns permanently in resonance with the vibratory world in him and around him, consciously or unconsciously. To become aware of it is a great liberation.

Geobiology, a very topical ancestral discipline


Geobiology is the study of the influences of the earth (geo) on the living (bio). It has extended to all interactions between the environment and the living being (humans, animals, plants). Although invisible, these influences are felt by the body and can play a role in the well-being and sleep of people living or occupying a place.

Quantum devices: shedding light on your energy


Some quantum machines today allow to highlight the radiation emanating from a person, reflecting his energy level, his emotional and mental state. They can also measure the vibratory signature of a living being or any substance and their influences on us.

Come discover how these new developments can tell us more about ourselves and the vibratory world that surrounds us!

Energy of holy places: 


How to discover these sacred places which, by their power and their magic, bring you energy and serenity by helping you to meet you?

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