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An innovative quantum device for measuring, interpreting and balancing psycho-energies.

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A valuable tool for psycho-energetic analysis

The FENYX is the first device able to record the vibratory signature of a person, a place or an object. As such it offers several applications, which are described below. First and foremost it is a precious tool for therapists who attempt to understand and  sensitively enlarge their patients’ awareness.

A welcome help for therapists

  • to bring out new fields of consciousness

  • identify the psycho-energy of the person and guide the therapeutic act

  • visualize the effect of a treatment

  • create personalized vibratory remedies


The skills of the Fenyx

This quantum machine has the particularity of combining a powerful algorithm of signal analysis and a relevant module of interpretations based on the human feeling. It is based on the principles of psychophysics, combining physical measurements with the feeling.


Capturing vibration signatures

Bringing out the vibration properties of people, substances, places, and related data



Putting "words" on experiences

Observing interactions between physical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Putting the radiation of subtle bodies into "images"

Becoming aware of the vibration world within and around you


Putting into "figures"

Highlighting the main data and psycho-energy trends in people, and the impact of products or phenomena



Re-informing subtle bodies

The LVA makes it possible to find frequencies that help people to retrieve their balance and to radiate new restorative waves.

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