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How resonance works

When we listen to a deep voice, we can feel its vibration in our belly. Conversely, we feel high-pitched sounds up in our head. This simple experience shows that various parts of our body respond in a subtle way to external vibrations and to specific frequencies.

On the other hand, we can also easily observe that people radiate or vibrate differently depending on their emotional condition. We do not respond in the same way in front a people who are angry, stressed or happy.

Indeed, just as any object, colour or material, living beings both emit and receive and all parts of their bodies can resonate with other vibrations or electro-magnetic waves operating at the same frequencies. A place, an atmosphere or some presences can thus have an influence on people’s well-being, with different intensities depending on their mind patterns and their physical and emotional conditions. Activated ‘resonance frequencies’ will define their sensitivity to external elements. 



Some thought patterns or emotional patterns resulting from stress are related to a specific frequency. When the pattern is activated, this frequency radiates in a specific way, often in disharmony, and creates tension in an organ or a muscle. For instance, the prospect of taking an examination can activate inhibiting thought and emotion patterns such as fear of being judged or a sense of depreciation. Such patterns emerge as an often unconscious conditioning that sometimes go back to our infancy, or even to inherited memories. When we are afraid of being judged in the context of an exam, we unconsciously activate certain vibration frequencies that impact on our physical body, for instance as a stomach knot or shaking knees.

However, we can change those inhibiting thought patterns and so lastingly improve our physical, emotional and mental condition.

To achieve this, we first have to be aware of the existence and impact of those psycho-energetic patterns. Next, a simple and very efficient technique consists of sending back towards the affected persons waves of the same frequencies as those they radiate, but in harmonized forms. They can then change more easily those inhibiting patterns, and relieve the pain in the affected organ or muscle.

Harmonizing the vibration field with Fenyx


In accordance with the philosophy of the Fenyx  project we invite all participants to resonate with new vibrational information that will diminish the influence of thought patterns that no longer suit them. This new vibrational resonance, created by a wave that fits the experience of participants at the time, will help them retrieve some inner harmony and peace, to realign themselves, to find new energy both at the physical and the energetic levels, and to be more attuned to their essence and what they wish deep down.

Fenyx’ ‘harmonizing’ modules use a combination of waves – including scalar waves – with very low amplitude, but at extremely precise frequencies and shapes. Depending on the results of an initial measures of patients, the therapist can choose the mist appropriate frequencies, and possibly share information with patients so as to improve their understanding of the process, which in turn will widen the shared psycho-energetic consciousness of therapist and patients.

With the help of Fenyx, the therapist suggests a more harmonious information to the patient’s energetic body. The capacity of the patient’s energetic field to receive such new information and diminish or even cancel the former vibration depends on both the relevance of the selected frequencies and the shared field of consciousness between therapist and patient. The generation of Fenyx waves will then turn out to be all the more effective as patients actually participate in the process, with fill awareness and attention.


Several protocols are available, depending on patients’ needs.

Sending out harmonizing waves can be done in various ways according to the therapeutic practice. Either patients receive those waves consciously and are attentive to how their bodies respond. Or the reception of waves occurs in the background while the therapist carries on with whatever form of care is in process (massage, verbal exchange, sophrology, kinesiology, care at the level of energies, or others).

If patients own an apparatus for sending waves, the therapist can provide them with a file consisting of waves that were created via the Fenyx software. They can then send those harmonizing waves when it is most convenient, during the day or before going to bed.


Say, someone is hesitant to embrace a job she has wanted for a long time and keeps a pot-boiling job that does not feed her inner life. She also has a weak ankle on the left side.

We proceed to measurements with Fenyx before considering any therapy (see detailed results below), and they bring out the following psycho-energetic pattern:

  • A blockage (black star) in the malleolus indicates that the patient experiences a lack of support while having to make a choice.

  • The blue spot on the Achilles tendon indicates that she feels vulnerable, while the black star on the adrenals points to the fact that she is scared.

  • The brown star at the level of the head is an indication that she distrusts what she does not know.

In such state of mind, the patient is clearly not ready to leave a reassuring job, since she does not feel the support she would need to move and embrace the kind of work she dreams of, and since she feels financially vulnerable.


After re-harmonizing through frequencies related to the identified issues, we make new measurements, which show that the critical zones are harmonious again, and that her her state of mind has changed:

  • Green in the malleolus indicates that she now feels supported and can give a new direction to her life;

  • The Achilles tendon and coccyx also became green, which points to her new ability to achieve her dreams and thus live her incarnation;

  • The tonsils of the brain appear in yellow, thus acting as a control on fears and a new source of discriminating power;

  • The first cervical vertebra in green shows the possibility of seeing things from a new angle.

The whole picture shows fewer black or brown stars, i.e. signs of stress and tensions.

While both the initial measurements and those after re-harmonizing are carried out, patients exchange with the therapist, thus experiencing, and becoming aware of, the new frequencies now present, to formulate in words the physical sensations and related emotions so that the information connected with the process of transformation can be anchored in the body and its cells in a deep and lasting way.

The new state of mind will make it possible for this person to embrace her own project with less stress, and so with the organs and muscles responding to this tension in a better energetic condition.


Exploring the various expressions of bioresonance makes it possible to understand the riches and huge diversity of this resource which is available to us for a more efficient ‘consultation’ in case of problem or annoyance. Our body knows more about us than we do, and if we take time to listen to it and connect to its vibrations, it will accurately point to the blockages in it and indicate the best ways for retrieving – sometimes even at once – a harmonious balance between our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Harmonizing resonance thanks to the Fenyx combines a cutting-edge technology allowing an accurate identification of the limiting psycho-energetic patterns inscribed in the body, and the awareness of these patterns by the person concerned. Such combination will be able to change in depth the field of information with which people resonate and to transmute blockages, thus opening new ways that are more in tune with the essential vibration in them.

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