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 Why turn to a geobiologist?

Motivations can be diverse, from the wish to further improve the quality of living in a given place to concern about a specific issue. If the house is devoted to specific interventions, the geobiologist’s expertise will have various applications. Personally I have examined factors that have an influence on children’s concentration in a classroom, on our health or on animals’ productivity on a farm, on the well-being of a team in a company or on the transformation process in breweries, dairies or bakeries.  You can find below a list of objectives depending on those various places.

​Geobiological analysis of your home

  • Achieving a better quality of sleep / Feeling in good shape / Retrieving energy

  • Exposing factors that may impact chronical health issues

  • Contributing to the flow of energy so that an accountable sense of ill-being is dissipated and an apparently inextricable situation is unlocked

  • Imprinting your home with your positive energy


 Geobiological analysis of your workplace

  • Improving your sense of wellbeing at work and interpersonal communication

  • Restraining factors that contribute to stress at work

  • Pointing to ideal places for efficient work

  • Contributing to a more serene atmosphere and improving the company’s energy so that it radiates beyond it


Geobiological analysis of places of wellbeing and of personal development
  • Contributing to a cool and serene atmosphere to favour resourcing
  • Harmonising the energy of a consulting cabinet (therapist, reiki, etc.) and learning how to ‘clean’ the energy of the place on a regular basis

  • Dynamising the energy of a room where resourcing activities ar organising (yoga, tai chi, training sessions…)

  • Creating an energy route that make it possible to download an emotional hold and to upload a positive charge on some parts of the body depending on the intention 

Geobiological analysis of a production place

  • Influencing the quality of products involving a fermentation process such as beer, bread or cheese

  • Pointing to the best places to store materials or products

  • Improving the quality of the energy during the production so as to improve the wellbeing of people (Bach flowers remedies, essential oils, jewels, etc.)

The energy of a place and the people’s state of mind have an impact (that may be immediate) on the good running of the process and (often indirectly) on the energy quality of the final product.​

How does a geobiological analysis work?

Through what I can feel or with the help of various tools (sticks, the LVA quantum device, measurement devices for electromagnetic waves), I start looking for various kinds of information that may relate to

  • the earth (water springs, rifts, underground energy networks…)

  • low and high frequency electromagnetic waves (radio alarm clock, metal pipes, electric wires, GSM antennae, wifi waves, wireless phones…)

  • symbols (decoration, subtle energies, information about the place or experiences lived in those rooms…).

After exposing those pieces of informations within the limits of what you wish to explore, I then propose to restore the energy of the places with the active participation of the inhabitants who wish to be involved and I discuss improvement possibilities with them (how the beds are positioned, disconnecting useless devices, symbolic impact of some objects…).

The whole process can last from two to four hours, depending on what is brought up and what you wish to further improve. 

Indeed, as people’s energy resonates with the energy of a place, I also suggest that inhabitants participate in a bioenergy assessment with the LVA. The more in harmony you live, the more serene the place will be in the long term.


Become aware of energies in your house or lodgings or workplaces and learn how to relate to it. Participate in the geobiological analysis of your house, your office, your workshop and give them a new start.

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Fee :

€85/hour + taxes and travel expenses

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