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Measuring the energy of materials, products, beverage

More specifically, the LVA makes it possible

to assess the impact of any substance, through

  • a psycho-energy analysis of its effects (for instance, exciting or soothing)

  • detection of effects on body, soul and mind

  • measurement of psycho-physical parameters such as vitality, harmony, bio-compatibility, etc.)

  • highlighting memories related to the substance (where it was produced) or evoked by it

to compare the situation before and after a particular treatment (for instance,  the effect of pesticides on vegetation)​

  • impact of specific conditioning, cooking or preservation

  • benefits derived from a conscious intention (benediction, magnetisation, dynamisation…)

 to adapt substances to people’s profiles 

  • help to choose the most appropriate substance

  • checking psycho-physical incompatibility between people and a substance or food

  • anticipating the profile of people who will be receptive to the substance (market research)


Illustration of LVA experience in therapy

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