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Subtle bodies

You often hear about people who radiate with happiness or serenity, or people with a special ‘aura’.  According to many traditions and what can be experienced in bioenergy, the human body is animated with infinite vibrations that reach well beyond the physical body. Our holistic being would thus consist of various layers, each corresponding to a definite level of energy and to a specific body.

The number of levels and the names they are given will be different depending on references and traditions. Here is my own interpretation:​​

The physical body: unique in time and space, this is the tangible body through which we are embodied on earth.​

The energy body: the layer on which energy moves. This is also the sensitive body, on which Chinese medicine works, for instance.​

The emotional body: the privileged vehicle for emotions, which are energy in movement (from Latin emovere, move). Anger, fear, sadness, joy are the four major known emotions but there are millions od others.​

The mental body: the privileged vehicle for the mind (reasoning, beliefs…).​

The causal body: our intuition, relation to others, perception of our mission on earth, interaction with the collective unconscious…​

The spirituel body: the level which is (or isn’t) connected to the earth, to the cosmos, to the universe, to our deeper nature.​

The divine body: our part of eternity, the Self, the Source, the present moment.


Of course those different layers continuously interact with each other so that a change in one can have an impact on another, in the shorter or the longer term.

As a rule, the higher we reach in those layers, the more we reach into the subtle, the universal and the timeless. The lower we remain, the closer to individuality and embodied space and time.

Alignment and consistency among the various levels of consciousness is a source of deep joy and overflowing creativity.

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