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Information fields

We work on the hypothesis that any event, thought, act or emotion is recorded in the universe and feeds a large field of information. Its name will vary depending on authors or schools:  collective unconscious (C.G. Jung), morphic field (Rupert Sheldrake), ‘Akashic’ memories (theosophic society), suffering body (Eckart Tolle), etc.

When we feed a sense of loss or sadness, for instance, we can resonate with a cluster of sadness in the universe, which makes it even denser and increases the possibilities that more people should resonate with it. Conversely, when we try to appease resentment and send frequencies of love to an enemy, this can radiate waves of forgiveness through the universe and increase the energy field of love, which will then be easier to ‘capture’ by those who attempt the same.


Such subtle interactions can operate either consciously or unconsciously. The function of rites can also be to sustain a conscious collective symbolic memory, such as reproducing the transubstantiation at the Eucharist or just offering a rose to your Valentine.

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or for more information about the quantum device able to explore this, go to the  Fenyx page

or how to change this information fields through bioresonance

Other examples are detailed in the ‘Explorations’ chapter, with files such as

The collective unconscious

Energy on the work place

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