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An innovative quantum device for measuring, interpreting and balancing psycho-energies.

CONSCIousness raising

Putting "words" on experiences

Observing interactions between physical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Psychological analysis

Several relationships will be highlighted on the basis of the same LVA capture:

1.      ​People’s emotions and thinking patterns at the moment of capture.

2.      People’s future conditions if they retain their present behaviour and thinking patterns (called ‘potentialities’).

3.      The difference between left and right, i. e. the masculine and the feminine sides, the yin and the yang, the two poles in all of us.

​For each of these three perspectives the LVA provides an overview of the way we behave in terms of needs, limitations, qualities and excesses.

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As everything depends on observed frequencies and not on words, the device makes it possible to communicate with people who had no or limited access to speech (whether handicapped, autistic, in a coma, speaking a foreign language…). Similarly it is also possible to communicate with animals and plants.

For one single category (for instance needs), measures are not stated as absolute values but as relative to the most significant issue; other issues will be measured relative to it. The device does not give any absolute on how significant a particular need is but i tells how it can be defined compared to other needs.

Codes are used to generate BFS files to correct vibrations depending on issues selected to be settled. Every LVA capture can yield different results according to people’s condition at the time of testing.

​ Analysis of memories
Le LVA gives access to older memories, to the experience of unknown ancestors, of grand-parents,  parents, and to your own experience of being born and living your early years with your parents and siblings. Those memories can be activated by your current experience.

​You can get information on your ancestors’ occupations or the way they died. Such  information is likely not certain but can be perplexing and can give an idea on how to proceed to work on limiting memories. Since memories are stored on different sides of the body, you can retrieve information on both lines of ascendancy, your father’s on the right and your mother’s on the left.

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Analysis in terms of occupation

The ​LVA also helps to interpret your measures in terms of your occupations, whether you are self-employed, manager, employee or whatever. It provides information on the company and on working conditions. This module is currently being developed. It can work as a useful tool for company coaching at all hierarchical level. It makes it possible to measure and compare associates, to analyse the partnership on its own or in its relationship inside or outside the company. In the longer term you will also be able to assess the working atmosphere and the quality of the offices… at a given moment or over a longer period. The analysis makes it possible to compare two different visions of a company, as it is perceived from inside (how employees perceive their company) and by people outside (the image it projects).

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Analysis through psychological features

LVA analyses people’s vibrations according to 32 relevant key words:

stress, emotions and pressure / adaptation and resilience / relation to others and positioning / freedom and independence / social status and recognition / recognition and respect / potential and difference / authority and parent-child relationship / security and protection / stability and support / expression and vocation / listening to the body and the heart / will and action / intuition and perception / letting-go and relaxation / direction and decision

par caractéristique psy
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Two graphs support this approach through needs / want and excesses / qualities. Texts related to key words are introduced on a scale of intensity in measurement. Key word analysis shows where our qualities lie and what negative features we should work
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