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What can a bioenergy assessment contribute to your life?​
  • A better understanding of yourself and a more accurate perception of your energy, mental and emotional body

  • A realignment or re-balancing of energy centers or ‘chakras’

  • A highlighting of how your body resonates with former memories

  • A sense of wellbeing through the loosening of emotional knots or of a burden inherited from the past

  • A reflection of your social image and an emphasis on a possible discrepancy with your self-image

  • A link between patterns of thought (fears, judgments…), emotions and body sensations; discovering possible new interpretations of your blockages, pains or tensions…

  • A sens of moving forward in the search towards a new path in your life

 How does a bioenergy session work?

 During the session we will work on the consistency and balance of the various levels of the subtle body, namely:

  • physical level: posture and anchoring

  • energy and emotion level: breathing and the movement of consciousness within the body

  • mental and causal level: awareness of thought patterns thanks to the LVA

  • spiritual and divine level: reliance on the Source and connection to the energy of earht and Sky…

All through the process, I will assist and guide the person making sure that energy circulates and unfolds. Through what the hand feels I can detect ‘emotional heaps’ (energy crystallisation of repressed emotions) and set them loose.

Bioenergy assessment can be carried out independently or as a complement to a geobiological analysis. It can last from one hour to one hour and  half depending on what is brought up and how much the person wants to work on.


Become aware of what motivates you to change and move on to another stage in your life. Assess your bioenergy and widen your field of consciousness as you understand what you live and experience.

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“Know thyself, and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the universe.” ~inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi


75 eur  / hour + taxe

average duration:

first session 1.30 h,

next sessions 1 h.

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