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An innovative quantum device for measuring, interpreting and balancing psycho-energies.


Putting into "figures"

Highlighting the main data and psycho-energy trends in people, and the impact of products or phenomena

paramètres psycho-énerg

Measuring psycho-energy parameters

  • consistency (consistency between the image we have of ourselves and the image others perceive)

  • alignment (general symmetry)

  • anchoring and earth connection

  • freedom (response to constraints)

  • fractality (consistency between various levels, from the physical to the spiritual)

  • blockage (resistance to the flow of energy, inflammation)

  • tension (corporal tensions, pain)

  • social imprint (limitations related to our current society)

  • mental burden (all useless and limiting thoughts)

  • emotional burden (all repressed emotions)

  • family imprint (all transgenerational limitations)

  • earth connection (ability to download emotional burden into the earth)

  • average energy of the various levels of consciousness

  • major psychological trends

Here are a few typical illustrations of LVA analyses.

​​Chinese meridians

 Two graphs clearly show the energy levels on Chinese meridians (excess, stagnation, deficiency, normal) using measures on the 360 usual points in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They show the general situation for each méridien. Measures bear on the 14 regular meridians, the 8 extraordinary vessels and dozens of particular points. BFS files have been created so as to  harmonise meridians or particular points. You will thus be able to harmonise yourselves on the basis of an LVA assessment.
méridiens chinois
Souligner_pic 1.png
Souligner_pic 2.png


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