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Gautier Havelange

A brief personal statement

I trained as a civil engineer specialising in materials science at the universities of Louvain and Leuven, and have always had a keen interest in a scientific approach to the study of living organisms and materials. However everything possible in human experience cannot yet be accounted for by academic science. So I also turned towards geobiology and bioenergy, two disciplines that do not claim to be scientific but that make it possible to better understand such experiences, mainly through experimentation. A rational approach, combined with readiness to accept that there are dimensions beyond such an approach, forms the ground on which my work is based.

Gautier Havelange

My expertise at your disposal

As I feel passionately about this close connection between matter and spirit, I have further specialised, particularly, in the development and design of a new ‘quantum device’ , a Life Vibration Analyser, with the help of the famous Swiss geo-biologist Stéphane Cardinaux.

​I have a wife and four children, and I share my time between my family, geobiological analyses, consultations in bioenergy, and research. I also organise various training sessions in bioenergy and geobiology, each of them being an opportunity for mutually enriching meetings. I have accompanied groups on journeys of initiation to well-known or rediscovered sacred places in Belgium and abroad. These were moments of intense shared experience!

Specialising in
  • Geobiological analyses

  • Bioenergy assessment

  • Quantic healing

  • Research and development in the vibrations world

  • Development of a quantum device (LVA)

  • Training sessions and lectures

  • Visits of holy sites

  • Journeys of initiation

Sources of inspiration
  • Kung Fu

  • Voice coaching

  • Monastery at Béthanie (France)

  • Integrative Corporal Psychology

  • Bioenergy

  • Energy in nature and on holy sites

  • Family life and all stimulating meetings

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