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LVA to understand anchoring


Among the numerous possibilities revealed by the use of LVA, anchoring often appears as being the key for an improved well-being for the one who experiences  it.

Indeed, any personal  healing process and transformation goes through this step of a key importance : anchoring in the earth. Anchoring allows the free mouvement of the earth energy across the body, and opens the way so to the circular fluidity of this breath that animates us, connecting us at the same time to the mother earth and in the universe.

When I'm well anchored, firmly impregnated with our roots, emanates from me a stability and a deeper presence. Tensions disappear, as well as expectations and needs projected to the outside. Being anchored gives me the feeling of being perfectly in my place and to exist fully. The energy of the Earth is diffused in me and the body relaxes instantaneously in a pleasant feeling of peace and completeness. My aura is growing and becoming more harmonious. Everyone around me enjoys being in my company.


Thanks to the precision of its measurements and its interpretations, the LVA makes it possible to obtain a detailed image of the degree of anchoring of the person in the presence, and to check the evolution and the improvement following the various exercises proposed by the therapist.

As always, he will take into account both the psycho-energetic aspects of the patient and his physical and emotional state and the memories that constitute him. The diagram on the left showing the set of LVA measurements of the anchored and unanchored state gives a significant insight into this frequency "photography".

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