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A welcome help for therapists

The FENYX device offers opportunities


for analysis and understanding

  • a psycho-energy analysis to improve focus on the therapeutic approach (see the tab ‘fulfilment’ for more details)

  • a better understanding of what people with limited power of verbal expression have experienced (babies, autistic people, speakers of foreign languages…)

 for measuring, and   thereby supporting therapists

  • before and after a therapy session, measuring a specific treatment or a massage

  • visualising the impact of a treatment (resistance zones and beneficial effects) as well as the patients’ mental and emotional charges

  • monitoring how long the positive effect of a treatment continues or how  effective a remote intervention can be

  • visualising charges therapists may have accumulated and supporting their mental and energy alignment

 for developing remedies

  • finding the best medication for each patient (essential oils, Bach flowers …)

  • helping to create personalised remedies

  • creating a specific vibration remedy through emitting harmonising waves

Illustration of FENYX experience in therapy

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