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Geobiology studies how the earth (geo) influences living creatures (bio). It has extended to all interactions between the environment and living creatures (human beings, animals, plants). While invisible, such influences are felt by the body and can play a part in the well-being and quality of sleep of people who live a certain place.  Influences can be

  • telluric: sources, rifts, telluric (Hartman) networks, vortex​

  • electromagnetic: GSM antennas, wifi, wires, DECT, bad earth connections, bodies of  metal…

  • architectural: shape of the rooms, Feng Shui, decoration…​

  • ·         chemical: VOCs, formaldehyde,…​

  • symbolical: energy pf the place, memory in the walls, information related to the place or to what people have experienced in those rooms, crystalized emotions ​

Geobiology is a way of reconnect with the energy of the earth and to retrieve ancestral traditions that give access to such influences. It helps us to live better where we are and to inhabit our house with greater serenity.  

Since the beginning of time humans have called upon geobiologists (often called diviners) to find the right place where to build their houses or to fit it in an optimal way afterwards. When you buy a house, prospective owners may also wish to clean the place of energies left by  former occupants. Houses then become a rejuvenating place which we have reappropriated, and where we feel at peace and secure.

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