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An innovative quantum device for measuring, interpreting and balancing psycho-energies.


Putting the radiation of subtle bodies into "images"

Becoming aware of the vibration world within and around you

couleur vibratoire
Analysis for each vibration colour

The LVA breaks down the vibration spectrum into a variety of colours which are related to de traditional chakras, and this not only at the level of the body but on three extracorporeal harmonics (traditional transcendental chakras), which makes it possible to analyse levels of consciousness that are beyond the mental, namely the causal and spiritual levels. The device gives information on how we perceive our bodies, on pains and tensions, but on more subtle aspects such as the role we are to play on this earth and what we aim at.

visualiser_pic 1.png

For each colour (or frequency track), with just one click, you can find out the mist significant quality, the most crying need, the most relevant limitation, or the most obvious issue. Or simply know which of the four is the most compelling. The threshold can be changed for only the most present or the most saturated measures to appear.

visualiser_pic 2.png
Analysis for each organ

The LVA shows the energy level for over 100 parts of the body and their psychological interpretation. It does not only provide a detailed view of tensions and blockages in the body, but gives explanations (psychological causes) in connection with the disturbed area. When playing with contrasts you can find out which organ is more locked or more tense and compare with what you feel. Approximate cross-sections of organs are represented on the succession of frequency tracks and with corresponding vibration colours (Vedic tradition) or vertebrae (Chinese tradition). Graphs with organs are quite handy for therapists, whatever their field may be.

Resistances and harmonies

visualiser_pic 3.png


perturbations aura
Disturbances in the aura

For those who can experience things with their hands, the LVA offers representations of hot or cold, pleasant or prickly areas. We have also attempted to represent disturbances in the aura, such as astral cysts, mind sabotages (weapons, protections, millstones) as well as liabilities (transgenerational millstones, pointless thoughts or beliefs).

visualiser_pic 4.png
rayonnement aura
The aura’s radiation

Graphs show all the body frequencies as seen up front or from the side. They help visualise the problem areas and connect with physical pain or chakras.

visualiser_pic 5.png

A graph gives an overview of chakras (front and back) and a detailed view with the proportion for each signal. A set of interactive buttons makes it possible to click on the  suffering chakras and get information on possible past events that may have resulted in the  chakra’s deficiency, fears, limiting beliefs, needs, objectives to be achieved, qualities to be developed, advice on how to proceed and data related to work or to the world of dreams.

visualiser_pic 6.png

Another graph shows the detail of each chakra (front and back) with the proportion for each signal.

visualiser_pic 7.png


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