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Lien entre la pensée, les émotions et le corps

Since the beginning of time, in all traditions and cultures, human beings have observed that their thoughts and emotions have an impact on how organs function. We all know phrases such as: to have a chip on one’s shoulder, to feel half-hearted, it puts my back up, with fear in my stomach, it sticks in your craw.


Biofeedback is a discipline based on this connection between thoughts / emotions and physiological functions.  Small measuring devices help to obtain feedback on often unconscious specific biological functions such as heart beats, electromagnetic radiation, frequency spectrum of the voice.

Thanks to the study and understanding of interactions between body and mind, people can become aware of some of their physiological functions, can monitor them and thus have a lasting impact on the way they behave and respond. They retrieve control on their bodies, which can yield increased well-being, less tension, and a better understanding of what they experience.

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